Definitions for "financing"
Providing the necessary capital.
Loan from banking services contractor for money to purchase equipment or other high priced items.
A way to raise funds or capital for buying a new car, getting a mortgage on a house, or making purchases on a credit card.
a significant milestone for PlateSpin
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Involves the technique s and method s related to providing the Source s of monies and method s to raise funds (stock, mortgages, bond s, innovative financing agreement lease s. etc.) required for the project. [D00683] PMK87
an excellent opportunity for deploying funds for very short period like one week
Financing can take many forms such as: loans; leases; fund raising; and performance contracting. In sustainable energy project development, financing services refers to the provision of funds for sustainable energy projects based on assessed risks and investment strategies appropriate to the project. Financing services may also involve appraising energy projects, identifying financial criteria for project implementation and developing financing options.
means by which a government provides financial resources to cover a budget deficit or allocated financial resources arising from a budget surplus.
budgeting for marketing activities, obtaining the necessary funds needed for operations, and providing assistance to customers in purchasing the business's products and services (p. 7)
Receipt of financial resources. Usually, for conducting a business; it is necessary to get financing either for establishment of a business or for extension of the company's activities (hope, not only in order to stay in business).
a direct loan from the SBA (the U
a government program designed to enable prospective homebuyers from acquiring mortgage loans when they do not meet the criteria
an easier-to- come-by alternative for those who can't qualify for conventional loans, so more potential buyers will be eligible
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The amount of money borrowed from an outside source to help run your business.
Refers to mechanisms through which money to pay health care providers for the delivery of health care services is delivered.
To buy an item with credit; paying over time.
Methods of providing fiscal support to implement strategies.
How a company chooses to pay for its on-going operations and/or expansion.
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Financing Statement
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the act of financing
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a form of public offering available through the U