Definitions for "Financial services"
are those services that would be commonly associated with the supply of financial instruments such as debt securities, equity securities and insurance policies. Generally, any person involved in the provision of, arranging for, or the agreeing to provide an exempt financial service is not eligible to claim input tax credits in respect of tax paid on the inputs used in the making of that exempt supply.
Financial services law includes legislation regarding the protection of investors; financial crime; and the authorisation of regulated financial activities.
The unit of LA which manages finances and accounting for LA and the Assembly, as well as member service and supply accounts. Responsible for preparation of LA and Assembly budgets.
Banking Fund management Insurance related Investment banking Investment broking Principal finance Real estate Rental and leasing Securities and commodities brokers Venture capital
Describes the business of investing, borrowing, and lending money, and all related activities.
Business unit includes - personal, business and corporate banking, agribusiness, cards, payment processes and systems - particularly e-commerce – and asset finance and fleet management.
a consumer debt repayment company committed to providing our clients a program to free themselves from the burden of overwhelming debt
a qualified non-profit consumer advocate organization and will handle the step-
a group of multinational securities brokers and financial analysts with extensive expertise, dedicated to serving institutional investors, multinationals and private clients interested in the Greater China marketplace
savings and credit provided by the group group activities 54
a group of experienced financial advisors with a wide range of professional credentials and a proven track record of providing effective, objective advice
a member owned corporation whose purpose is to add value to your MEA membership
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a specialty
Contains government and charity based means of financial assistance. Usually they have strict criteria or means testing.
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a collection agency