Definitions for "FINANCIAL PLAN"
A blueprint relating to the financial future of a firm.
a customized blueprint that guides you towards meeting your financial and life goals
a statement of what is to be done in a future time
a living document and cannot be allowed to simply become irrelevant and ineffective because of inattention
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a roadmap that outline where you are and where you are going
provides an outline of the finances required to manage an organisation.
An outline for how to use the money (capital) you have and how to raise the money you will need.
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a documented and detailed summary of your current personal financial position
an important 'road map' for you to test the commercial viability of your business, and to reduce the risk of failure
a road map that takes you from your starting point to your destination
a tool that allows you to anticipate expenses and income over a period of time, usually a year
Now known as a Statement of Advice (SoA).
A set of projected financial statements indicating what resources will be needed, where they will come from, how they will be used, and the anticipated financial status of the business at a specified point in the future.
a necessary tool when considering personal finance, and can be formed privately or by utilizing the help of a financial advisor
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Financial Ratios
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a great starting point
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a process rather than a product