Definitions for "financial advisor"
A financial institution offering professional advice to companies and also preparing documentation for submission to the regulator, the exchange, shareholders, investors, and the general public for the purpose of public offering of stocks, stock listing, corporate financial restructuring, preparation of a company rehabilitation plan, etc. In Thailand, a financial institution must have a license granted by the SEC to conduct the financial adviser business.
A professional who helps individuals and businesses in an ongoing process to arrange and coordinate their personal and business financial affairs to enable them to achieve their objectives.
a licensed professional who provides objective advice about one or many aspects of your finances and who also may manage some of your assets. Different types of financial advisors—tax advisors, accountants, investment managers, attorneys—offer different kinds of expertise. To start, couples may want to meet with someone who offers a no-strings-attached, fee-based consultation for guidance on what types of financial advice they need and what type of advisor(s) can best provide it.
a person who assists in the selection of securities that are suitable for your specific needs
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an automated process and results may vary
A person or organization employed by an individual or mutual fund to manage...
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a mix between the two