Definitions for "Final Report"
Post- implementation report. Normally a retrospective report that formal ly closes the project having handed over the project deliverables for operation al use. Note: The report should draw attention to experience s that may be of benefit to future projects and may form part of the accountability of the project team [D04440] APM BS
The last report to be filed by a political committee. The D-2 form shall be used to file a final report and shall include all receipts and expenditures from the closing date of the previous semi-annual report (or the committeeâ€(tm)s date of creation) through its last expenditure. It shall report a closing balance of $0, the disposition of all assets and residual funds, the liquidation of all investments, and any outstanding debts. All disclosure filing obligations shall cease with the filing of a this report unless or until the political committee again engages in activity which meets the definition of a political committee.
A report of publishable quality that JISC development projects submit to document what they have done and achieved. Typically the final report is aimed at stakeholders and peers in the development community to share findings, outcomes, conclusions, and any implications for future work. JISC provides a template for final reports.
Form to be filled out by the service provider upon completion of services to the client. It will include client's new employment information and must be submitted with the final invoice.
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