Definitions for "FILO"
Keywords:  pastry, dough, strudel, flaky, towel
or Phyllo ( Armenian: patzvadz tert) Paper thin prepared strudel-like dough used for flaky pastries such as Pakhlava. Filo is sold fresh or frozen, approximately 22 - 35 sheets to the pound box, depending on size and thickness.
Tissue paper thin pastry sheets used extensively in Middle Eastern cooking. Usually brushed with melted butter, it can be brushed with oil instead. Filo must be dealt with quickly or it dries out and becomes too brittle to shape. Held between two sheets of waxed paper and under a dampened towel, it will retain its flexibility. Look for brands with no additives.
A paper-thin pastry dough which can be tricky to work with.
Free In Liner Out ICPO Irrevocable Corporate Purchase order
Free In, Liner Out ¨C Seafreight which the shipper pays load costs and the carrier pays discharge costs.
See Free In Liner Out.
Keywords:  coule, glide
(It.) A Glide or Coule.
Keywords:  last, queue, sequential, stack, buffer
First-In, Last-Out. Indicates data handling of a sequential buffer or system.
See first in, last out (FILO).
first in, last out. A method of queue management where the first item in is the last item out, much like a stack of papers. See also stack.
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Decoration made by applying a thread - which can be of various thicknesses and colours - usually on the upper rim or on the base of objects such as vases, cups or glasses.
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Italian for the sword's edge