Definitions for "Fillings"
is the term used by whisky blenders for the whiskies they use in the blends.
Spirit as it comes off the still, which has yet to mature before becoming whisky. Fillings are bought by companies to let them mature until they will be used for preparation of the blends.
The term applied to "new" whiskey that has been filled into casks prior to being matured
A filling replaces part of a tooth that has been lost or removed because of dental decay. Most people are familiar with traditional metal fillings called amalgam, however, white fillings are much more natural looking and virtually invisible. Many people prefer white fillings rather than metal ones, and some people choose to replace existing fillings with white alternatives.
restoring of lost tooth structure by using materials such as: metal, alloy, cement, porcelain or synthetics.
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main ingredient(s) on a sandwich
Small, irregular stones placed between the two faces of a wall to pack the space between them. Also known as hearting (Scotland).
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The protective filling in a cavity.