Definitions for "Files"
Discreet groupings of information stored on your drive. Files can contain instructions on the manipulation of data or they can contain the data itself. As in, Data Table files, Index files, PTWin32 executive files, etc.
A configuration setting used in the CONFIG.SYS file that determines the maximum allowable number of concurrently open files. PTWin32 recommends a setting equal to or greater than 125.
Files include user data, but also programs, the computer operating system and the system's configuration data.
a public radio series that explores the world of genes and genetic
a series of nationally distributed public radio programs furthering public education on developments in genetic science
a series of numbers indicating how many repeating DNA sequences a particular sample contains
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a new audio format from Microsoft
a proprietary one created by Microsoft
collections of digital information for storage on a computer. Under the Microsoft Windows operating system, types of information are distinguished by a three letter file name extension, such as .txt (text), .doc (Microsoft Word document) or . mp3 (one form of musical or audio information). Note that file naming conventions under other operating systems do not necessarily use this form of name.
Files are collections of logically related items, much like a file cabinet contains file folders made up of similar types of information. For example, in one file cabinet you may find file folders containing information about your customers, while in another cabinet may be the folders for your suppliers. In the Pick System, the number of items that can be put into a file is limited by the capacity of the disk. We will put all of the PICK/BASIC programs, which are each considered "items," into a file called BP.
Used out in the "field" or on an archaeological dig, files are essential for keeping shovels, trowels and other items sharpened.
Indicates PC-enabled remote control configurations including one or more of the following items: infrared codes, macros, bitmaps, layouts. Many software packages allow you to share files between users or over the internet. See also: software, learning, preprogrammed, macros.
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a new Pajamas Media blog on today's NSA surveillance hearings
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A steel tool with sharp edged furrows for smoothing or rasping metals
a file format that will support images suitable for display on Targa hardware but is supported by many applications on a wide range of platforms
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a huge advantage
Compilation of all the file copies, provided in binders on each member's desk.
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clip files, idea files.
pockets of information on a computer
Information stored on a computer system. Usually the information is stored on one of the following: floppy disk, hard disk, or a file server.
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One or more recorded blocks of data.
A term used to describe some or all records and non-record materials of an office or department.
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a GOOD thing
Collections of physical or electronic data.