Definitions for "File Format"
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A type of program or data file. Some common image file formats include TIFF, JPEG, and BMP.
A method of encoding information into a file. Graphics or image files can be saved in many formats, including GIF, TIFF and JPEG. However, only digital photos formated as JPEG files can be uploaded to Shutterfly.
system software: The particular structure that a document (spreadsheet, graphics, text, etc.) is saved in. Text is a standard file format for words and numbers, and many applications can read text documents. Text file formats include ASCII (text only) and RTF (Rich Text Format), in addition to the particular format for your word processor. MacPaint and TIFF are standard file formats for bitmapped graphics, and EPS is a nearly standard file format for object-oriented graphics. Different applications use different formats and many can read and translate each others'. A document's file type is a four-letter code indicating its file format.
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an NMI snapshot
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See file type.
The system by which data is held in a particular type of computer file.
The type of file, such as picture or text; represented as a suffix at the end of the filename (text = TXT or .txt, etc.).
A description of the entries to be made in an ASCII file, such as a configuration or customization profile.
a specification for filing electronic information so that the content can be accurately and efficiently retrieved
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a very separate parameter than mode
a description of a digital file
a standard for digital
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a very good thing
an important indicators about the true nature of a computer file