Definitions for "Filament"
A thread or threadlike object or appendage; a fiber;
the threadlike part of the stamen supporting the anther.
Stalk of the stamen that bears the anther.
Thin wire (usually tungsten) inside a light bulb that heats up to provide light.
Wire element, often coiled, in a lamp that becomes incandescent and emits light when heated by an electric current.
The cathode of a thermionic tube, usually a wire or ribbon, which is heated by current passing through it.
The smallest unit of a fibrous material. The basic units formed during spinning and which are gathered into strands of fiber, (for use in composites). Filaments usually are of extreme length and of very small diameter. Filaments normally are not used individually. Some textile filaments can function as a yarn when they are of sufficient strength and flexibility.
Extruded synthetic fibers used to create brush tufts.
A continuous strand of one of the man-made or synthetic fibers created by the extrusion process.
A mass of gas that appears as dark lines suspended over the photosphere by magnetic fields
A cool, relatively dense region in the corona that appears dark against the background chromosphere. On the Sun's limb, filaments are called prominences.
A structure in the corona consisting of cool plasma supported by magnetic fields. Filaments are dark structures when seen against the bright solar disk, but appear bright when seen over the solar limb, Filaments seen over the limb are also known as prominences. more
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Fimbriate Floret
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particle tunic
chain of living cells
a simple or branched chain of connected cells.
Long chain of proteins, such as found in hair, muscle, or in flagella.
A long (occasionally short), thin, fleshy extension, usually paired, extending off the back and sides (less commonly the abdomen) of a caterpillar.
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a parallel flight of either electrons (Fig
The smallest unit of a fibrous material that is formed by spinning or drawing it into a single, long, continuous entity.
the individual base component that are combined to create a larger structure, normally yarn.