Definitions for "FIGURES"
A position with the swimmer's legs above the water and their arms doing the propelling.
A portion of the competition in which swimmers have to perform a series of highly technical movements.
A series of patterns based on the figure eight or three-circle serpentine form. There are 42 figures classified by the International Skating Union. The skater traces the pattern on clean ice three times. Performed well, the tracings will be virtually identical. In 1991, figures were eliminated from international competition after 100 years.
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fantasies. (Julius Caesar)
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Modern numbers, all of which rest on the baseline.
Old-styled numbers, some of which (3,4,5,7,9) descend below the baseline.
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bowling figures.
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china pieces in a reduced scale model or version of some animal, vehicle, person or thing, as an ornament or toys.
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