Definitions for "Fig"
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A small fruit tree (Ficus Carica) with large leaves, known from the remotest antiquity. It was probably native from Syria westward to the Canary Islands.
The fruit of a fig tree, which is of round or oblong shape, and of various colors.
Figs are fleshy, hollow, pear-shaped fruits with tiny flowers on the inside and a little hole at one end. The hole is too small to allow pollination by wind and ordinary insects. Most varieties, however, mature without pollination and so bear no seeds.
The value of a fig, practically nothing; a fico; -- used in scorn or contempt.
To insult with a fico, or contemptuous motion. See Fico.
To put into the head of, as something useless o? contemptible.
The International Federation of Gymnastics is recognized by the International Olympic Committee and is responsible for the governance of the sport of gymnastics on the international level.
International Federation of Gymnastics Fists - is when fingers are curled inward into tight fists and the thumbs are wrapped around the fingers on the outside of the fist. Making sure wrists are tight so the fists do not break
Federation Internationale des Geom`etres = International Federation of Surveyors
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ighter nterceptor roup.
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FIG files are created by the XFig program (and possibly other programs). The scalable representation of a collection of graphics objects is stored in ASCII form in FIG files. The transfig program can translate FIG files into a number of other formats including EPSF, HPGL, and a variety of LaTeX environments.
a Libyan terrorist group organized in 1995 and aligned with al-Qaeda; seeks to radicalize the Libyan government; attempted to assassinate Qaddafi
Festival Internacional de Gigantones
As A Treatment"...They are listed in the British Pharmacopoeia for their use in laxative preparations..."
As A Treatment"...Figs have high amounts of natural sugars, mucilage, vitamins and enzymes..."
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Freshman Interest Group. FIGlet = student in a FIG.
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more information - recipes
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A small piece of tobacco.
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Figure; dress; array.
Fast Information Group: package of data used for one application in the Fast Information Channel. Eight different types are available to provide a classification of the applications.
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Slang for speed figure.