Definitions for "Fibrosis"
The formation of fibrous tissue in a repair or reactive process, as opposed to formation of fibrous tissue as a normal part of the tissue or organ.
(adjective: fibrotic) A disease-related process in which normal tissue is gradually infiltrated with scar tissue, eventually leading to decreased organ function. Patients with chronic hepatitis C are at risk for developing fibrosis.
formation of fibrous tissue as a reaction or as a repair process; may occur due to treatment and/or disease
Perinatal Valine
Parenteral Valine Pathogen Varicella
Pathogen Yeasts
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Nonmalignant Topotecan
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Papillary Paraparesis
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Orofacial Visceral
Osteodystrophy Ventricular
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Normotensive Withdrawal
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Pelvic Yaws
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Neuropathy Ventilation
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