Definitions for "FIA"
Federation International de l'Automobile
Stands for: Fédération International d'Automobile. It is the ruling body of world-wide motor sport, based in Switzerland.
Federation Internationale de l'Automobile, the Geneva-based governing body for worldwide motor sport which regulates and controls the World Rally Championship.
Family Independence Agency. The Family Independence Agency (FIA) is Michigan's public assistance, child and family welfare agency. FIA directs the operations of public assistance and service programs through a network of Family Independence Agency offices in every county in Michigan.
Federal Investigation Agency
Family Investment Agreement
forward! (from the Italian via.) (The Merchant of Venice)
Futures Industry Association. The national trade association for Futures Commission Merchants.
The Futures Industry Association is a professional education and public information group composed of Futures Commission Merchants.
well-established technique of chemical analysis, which involves the injection of a sample plug into a flowing reagent stream with subsequent detection (electrochemical or spectroscopic) of the reaction zone further downstream.
Forest Inventory and Analysis
Flow Injection Analysis. A simple and versatile analytical technique for automating wet chemical analyses based on the manipulation of a sample zone formed from the injection of the sample into a continuous stream of fluid used as a carrier.
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fluorescent immunoassay
(Full Interest Admitted) The insurance company acknowledges the Assured's financial interest in the property and agrees to its value without proof or documentation of ownership. See " PPI ."
See Factory Insurance Association.
Factory Insurance Association. An association of stock Property insurers established to provide insurance and engineering services for insurer writing highly protected exposures.
Acronym for Feline Infectious Anemia
From Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML) Version 2.0 ( 2004-03-16) An algorithm implemented in a VoiceXML interpreter which drives the interaction between the user and a VoiceXML form or menu. See Section 2.1.6 and Appendix C .