Definitions for "FFS"
Facial Feminization Surgery; any surgery to create facial features that appear more feminine
Facial Feminization Surgery. an elective surgical procedure that alters a masculine face to create a feminine face
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"for F*cks sake"- a sign of frustration.
For f*** sakes
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Federació n de Fú tbol de Suiza
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Acronym for Fast File System.
Fast File System ( BSD among others)
fast file system. The first major revision to the Unix file system, providing faster read access and faster (delayed, asynchronous) write access through a disk cache and better file system layout on disk. See also file system.
flash flood statement. A statement issued by the NWS which provides follow-up information on flash flood watches and warnings.
Frey Financial Services
South Korea: Financial Supervisory Service
Finite Forward Scheduling - finite capacity scheduling as opposed to infinite capacity MRP
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Farmer Field School
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Full Flight Simulator
The traditional method of billing for health services under which a health care provider charges separately for each patient encounter or service rendered.
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Failure Free Survival
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Form Fill Seal
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Fee For Services.
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For further studies