Definitions for "FFO"
Funds From Operations. A financial measure used by REITs to define their operating...
funds from operations. Used by REITs to define the cash flow from their operations. It is calculated by adding depreciation and amortization expenses to earnings.
Net income calculated in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, including depreciation of real estate but excluding gains or losses from sales of property or from debt restructuring. While AMB reports FFO figures each quarter, we prefer and have been an industry advocate for the reporting of EPS figures, because we believe that EPS is a more consistently accurate, and therefore more useful valuation tool for real estate companies.
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Fixed Focus Optics technology utilizes a small aperture and non-moving lenses to digitize an image over a wider range of distance than the traditional CCD reader.
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FHA prepayment experience FI
first federal official. the first federal representative of a participating agency of the National Response Team arriving at the scene of discharge or release. The FFO coordinates activities under the National Contingency Plan.