Definitions for "Fever"
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Fever is Australian singer Kylie Minogue's eighth album, released in late 2001 in Europe and Australia, 2002 in North America by Parlophone, Mushroom and Capitol.
Fever was a disco studio group from Ohio who scored a number of hits on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play Chart, the most successful being "Beat Of the Night" / "Pump It Up," which hit #1. Group members included Clydene Jackson, Dale Reed, Joe Bomback and Dennis Waddington.
"Fever" is a song credited to Eddie Cooley and John Davenport (a pseudonym for Otis Blackwell).
A diseased state of the system, marked by increased heat, acceleration of the pulse, and a general derangement of the functions, including usually, thirst and loss of appetite. Many diseases, of which fever is the most prominent symptom, are denominated fevers; as, typhoid fever; yellow fever.
body temperature is raised above normal and is usually a sign of infection or illness.
A cat's normal temperature range is 100.4 - 101.6 degrees farenheit. The animal is feverish, sad, has little appetite, and stays by itself - all symptoms of some complaint which must be diagnosed
Sage, Thyme, Echinacea, Nettles, Blue Vervain, Wild Indigo
Garlic, Cyan, Licorice (root), Eucalyptus (leaf), Thyme, White Poplar (bark) and White Willow (bark).
"Fever" is the 16th episode of the second season of the WB original series, Smallville. The episode was written by Matthew Okumura and was directed by Bill Gereghty. It originally aired on February 18, 2003.
"Fever" is the third episode of the science fiction television show Sliders. It originally aired on March 29 1995.
This was the name of a high-grade street narcotic popular amongst Gotham City's underworld. The criminal gang known as the Street Demonz monopolized the Fever market for a brief period of time.
Fever (real name, Shyleen Lao) is a DC Comics superheroine and member of Doom Patrol. She has power over heat transfer and, to a degree, fire. In order to control her power, Shyleen wears special gloves that focus the energy of her powers.
a fast and furious roller coaster ride of breathtaking soccer action
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A gambling habit
The Poker habit.
Fever (1999) is a psychological thriller by Alex Winter.
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a friend not a foe
Excessive excitement of the passions in consequence of strong emotion; a condition of great excitement; as, this quarrel has set my blood in a fever.
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a forty foot
Infectious disease marked by great bodily heat and a quickening pulse
intense nervous anticipation; "in a fever of resentment"
a helpful and necessary part of the process of healing in a childhood illness, in any illness for that matter
a pretty good indication of an illness
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You have a slight fever. You'd better go back home and stay in bed.
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a hard load to carry over the rapids
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To put into a fever; to affect with fever; as, a fevered lip.
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Refers to 5, either the card or a bet of that amount.