Definitions for "Fertilization"
Keywords:  zygote, gamete, ovum, sperm, oocyte
The act of fecundating or impregnating animal or vegetable germs; esp., the process by which in flowers the pollen renders the ovule fertile, or an analogous process in flowerless plants; fecundation; impregnation.
The union of male and female cells (e.g. sperm and egg) to form a new individual.
penetration of a secondary oocyte by a spermatozoon and subsequent union of the nuclei of the cells
Forestry Operations & Water Quality] The addition of nutrient elements to increase growth rate or overcome a nutrient deficiency in the soil. Fill Slope[ Forestry Operations & Water Quality] The surface area formed where earth is deposited to build a road or trail.
the addition of fertilizer to promote tree growth on sites deficient in one or more soil nutrients. Also used to improve the vigor of crop trees following juvenile spacing or commercial thinning.
The process of adding nutrients to a tree or plant; usually done by incorporating the nutrients into the soil, but sometimes by foliar application or injection directly into living tissues.
Keywords:  manure, applying, making
making fertile as by applying fertilizer or manure
A term used to denote efforts to enhance plant growth by increased application of nitrogen-based fertilizer or increased deposition of nitrates in precipitation. (EPA)
Keywords:  rendering, act, process
The act or process of rendering fertile.
Keywords:  soil, application, making
Making soil fertile with the application of fertilizer.