Definitions for "Ferment"
Intestine motion; heat; tumult; agitation.
A gentle internal motion of the constituent parts of a fluid; fermentation.
To cause ferment or fermentation in; to set in motion; to excite internal emotion in; to heat.
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That which causes fermentation, as yeast, barm, or fermenting beer.
To bring about a chemical change in foods or beverages. Beer, wine, yogurt, buttermilk, vinegar, cheese and yeast breads all get their distinctive flavors from fermentation.
The process where a chemical reaction causes an organic molecule to split into other substances.
go sour or spoil; "The milk has soured"; "The wine worked"; "The cream has turned--we have to throw it out"
The most common taint found in washed coffees, it occurs during the drying process and produces an offending spoiled-fruit quality. It is of the same spectrum of naturally processed Ethiopian coffees, but pushed to the extreme.
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Ferment is the first full-length album by the U.K. band Catherine Wheel, released in 1992 (see 1992 in music). Four songs ("Shallow", "I Want to Touch You", "She's My Friend", and "Salt") had previously appeared on independently released 12" EPs, and were re-recorded for inclusion on the album. The lead single, "Black Metallic", reached the top ten (peaking at number nine) of the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart.
microbic agent or enzyme producing the fermentation of a substratum. See leaven.
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The process of "pickling" silage in acid conditions by excluding air