Definitions for "Fennel"
A perennial plant of the genus Fæniculum (Fæniculum vulgare), having very finely divided leaves. It is cultivated in gardens for the agreeable aromatic flavor of its seeds.
A perennial herb that contains fixed oils, flavonoids, vitamins and volatile oils; a carminative, used internally for tired eyes, gastric discomfort, kidney stones and to stimulate the appetite.
Light green plant with slightly bulbous end and stalks with feathery dark green leaves; somewhat like celery. Used like a root vegetable. Delicate licorice or anise flavor.
Usually used at the end of an Indian meal to aid digestion. For massage where there is cellulite and for the digestive system, especially wind. Good for breast firming massage and to promote milk production. Caution: Avoid in pregnancy, not good for epileptics. As Fennel is narcotic in large doses, use in moderation. DO NOT use on children below 5 years old. Frankincense Soothes, warms and aids meditation. Comforting oil, slows breathing and controls tension and helps to focus the mind. Excellent for toning and caring for mature/aging skin. Caution: Avoid during pregnancy and contact with the eyes and mucous membranes.
It helps take away the appetite. It improves digestion, has diuretic effect, and works to move waste material out of the body. It also helps to stabilize the nervous system and is recommended as a sedative for small children. Because it influences nerves, fennel works well as an anticonvulsive and painreliever. It is also helpful in cases of persistent couhg and bronchitis. When boiled with barley, it aids lactation. It contains potassium, sulphur and sodium.
Improves digestion and soothes intestinal problems including colic and gas. Has a slight diuretic effect. Also helpful in cases of cough or persistent bronchitis. Contain potassium, sulphur and sodium.
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Fennel is a library of data storage and processing components written in C++. It is developed as a sub-project of The Eigenbase Project, and also serves as a substrate for the Farrago project.
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Aids indigestion
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Store in a plastic bag. 6 or 7 days