Definitions for "Fenestration"
The arrangement and proportioning of windows; -- used by modern writers for the decorating of an architectural composition by means of the window (and door) openings, their ornaments, and proportions.
surgical opening made into the labyrinth of the ear for some conditions of deafness
The arrangement of the windows of a building. Field of Cloth of Gold Elaborately staged meeting between courts of Henry VIII and Francis I of France in June 1520 near Calais. Expensive chivalric display. First Fruits and Tenths Beneficed clergy were obliged to pay (to the Crown after the Reformation) the first year's revenue from their benefice as specified in the Valor Ecclesiasticus or King's Books and, thereafter, a tenth of this income annually.
A small hole which is cut into the tunnel constructed during a modified Fontan procedure. This hole acts as a "short-circuit," allowing some oxygen-depleted blood to be shunted into the heart. This helps reduce venous blood pressure.
surgical procedure that creates a new fenestra to the cochlea in order to restore hearing lost because of osteosclerosis
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The area in which the fenestra occurs. ( 14)
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The state or condition of being fenestrated.