Definitions for "Fender"
Keywords:  chafing, pier, hung, dock, alongside
One who or that which defends or protects by warding off harm
Anything serving as a cushion to lessen the shock when a vessel comes in contact with another vessel or a wharf.
A cushion that is attached to the hull of vessel in order to protect the hull when the vessel is alongside another vessel or pier.
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A screen to protect a carriage from mud thrown off the wheels: also, a splashboard.
Anything set up to protect an exposed angle, as of a house, from damage by carriage wheels.
Wing, Mudgard
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Fender is a compant that makes guitars. Fender, Leo=A guitar pioner that created fender, ernie ball, and G&L
From sophisticated to flirty, Fender guitar picks are true classics. You get to decide between shimmery abalone and white, Fender original clears in pink, peach, green and blue, or Fender California clears in pink, green, blue, red, and gold.
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A screen to prevent coals or sparks of an open fire from escaping to the floor.
An iron guard to keep excessive dirt from covering small plants.
a low metal guard to confine falling coals to a hearth
part of the Western saddle that protects a rider's leg from the rigging. The wide leather strap, on the western saddle, between the saddle seat and the stirrup on which the riders leg rests
The area above the stirrup on Western saddles
The diagram shows the fender normally encountered by a right hander.
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a good starter
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a lot more money and not seemingly all that better in the critical areas
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means the surround that encloses the ditch.
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Parts Fetch Expressions
an inclined metal frame at the front of a locomotive to clear the track