Definitions for "Fen"
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Low land overflowed, or covered wholly or partially with water, but producing sedge, coarse grasses, or other aquatic plants; boggy land; moor; marsh.
A bog with springs as a water source other than precipitation.
A habitat composed of woodland and swamp.
Forsythe-Edwards-Notation .
Forsyth-Edwards Notation is a standard for describing chess positions using the ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) character set. It is intended as a standard position notation for chess programmers, for page layout programs, and for confirming position status for e-mail competition. Six FEN fields specify the piece placement, the active color, the castling availability, the en passant target square, the half move clock, and the full move number. The first four fields of the FEN specification are the same as the first four fields of the closely related EPD specification. Like FEN, EPD can also be used for general position description. However, unlike EPD, FEN is not as expandable. FEN provides no means to add new operations that provide new functionality as needs arise. A text file composed exclusively of FEN data records should have a file name with ".fen" as the suffix. More information can be found at this site. Category: Glossary 1 visitor(s) thought this was helpful. Do you
A hyperspace alien species attracted to bright shinny objects and known to mate with space vessels. This happened to the Excalibur. An alternative definition : A synonym for Babylon 5 fan coined by JMS. It is not known if they mate with him.
plural of fan.
From Every Nation: Revised Comprehensive Plan for Racial Justice, Reconciliation, and Cross-Cultural Engagement at Calvin College STARS Student Technology Advisors
Federation de l'Education National (National Educational Federation)
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flap endonuclease
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100 fen equal 1 yuan
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fenestration RPC root planing closed
Forest Ecosystem Network. a planned landscape zone that serves to maintain or restore the natural connectivity within a landscape unit. A forest ecosystem network consists of a variety of fully protected areas, sensitive areas, classified areas, and old- growth management areas.
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a practical art or science