Definitions for "Feint"
Feigned; counterfeit.
That which is feigned; an assumed or false appearance; a pretense; a stratagem; a fetch.
A mock blow or attack on one part when another part is intended to be struck; -- said of certain movements in fencing, boxing, war, etc.
a simple extension, often with a slight movement of the body, threatening the adversary in a certain line, for the purpose of inducing him to parry on that side and thus leave the other open for the real thrust
an offensive threat designed to provoke a response which is then exploited, either by the use of a compound action, a counter-riposte or by counter-time
threatening movement of the blade made with the intention of provoking a parry or similar response
The third fraction (part) of the distilled alcohol from the spirit still which is returned to the sprit still for redistillation.
What a fencer does after they get their credit card bill from a tournament weekend
A maneuver performed by a ball carrier that is intended to get the defender to react, allowing the ball carrier to move the ball the other way. Any of the step-overs and moves created by famous players constitute feints.
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a move that evokes a response out of your rapier font for free