Definitions for "FEC"
Family Entertainment Centers
Family Entertainment Centre
Florida Education Center building [Located in Tallahassee. Officially known as the Ralph Turlington Building.
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A technique used by a receiver for correcting errors incurred in transmission over a communications channel without requiring retransmission of any information by the transmitter; typically involves a convolution of the transmitted bits and the appending of extra bits by both the receiver and transmitter using a common algorithm.
A technique for correcting errors incurred in transmission over a communications channel. With FEC, errors are corrected at the receiving end of the channel, thereby reducing the amount of data that must be retransmitted due to errors.
Foward Error Correction. A class of methods for controling errors in a communication system. FEC sends extra information along with the data, which can be used by the receiver to check and correct the data. Examples of Foward Error Correction algorithms are Reed Solomon, Viterbi and Turbo Product Coding
See Federal Election Commission.
The Federal Election Commission. Founded in 1974, it is the federal agency that oversees federal campaigns. It's considered something of a toothless watchdog, however. It has proven to be very slow to act and not very effective in combatting campaign abuses.
The Federal Elections Commission. The body responsible for governing and enforcing federal campaign finance laws and regulations; it is the recipient of FEC filings.
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French Expeditionary Corps
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See Fast EtherChannel.
Fast Ethernet Controller The 100 Mbps (100Base) Ethernet controller, present on 'T' devices such as the 860T and 855T.
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Hamming code
Full Economic Costing
Financial and Economic Commitee
Full Economic Cost
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Fecal egg count. number of worm eggs in a gram of feces. Also called EPG (eggs per gram).
Faculty Effort Certification
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Far East Command
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Fecit (maker)
An acronym for Facility Emergency Coordinator.