Definitions for "Feature"
Soil altered by man.
A combination of artifacts and/or ecofacts that create a single definable entity, such as a fireplace, burial, or garbage pit. Unlike artifacts, features are part of the landscape and cannot be removed from the site without losing the overall value of the whole.
A prominent or conspicuous part of an archaeological site, such as a house, storage pit, or human burial.
A story in which the interest lies in some factor other than the news value. Usually to entertain, it might be a story of a lost child or a grandparent with an unusual hobby, etc.
A story that tells what is behind the news, usually, "softer" in feeling, longer and less timely than "hard" news.
A feature takes an in-depth look at what's going on behind the news. It gets into the lives of people. It tries to explain why and how a trend developed. Unlike news, a feature does not have to be tied to a current event or a breaking story. But it can grow out of something that's reported in the news.
Representation of a real world phenomenon. Note For example, a particular cardinal buoy represented through a symbol on a chart.
Generic term for different kinds of shapes, such as polygons, arcs and points.
Individual points, lines, and polygons that make up a layer. For example: an address feature is represented by a point; a street feature is represented by a line; and a parcel feature is represented by a polygon.
The behavioural features describe the variable aspects of entities of a system.
a normalized (toolset-independent) aspect of a build configuration, such as whether inlining is enabled
a normalized (toolset-independent) description of an individual build parameter, such as whether inlining is enabled
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a bug that's bragged about
a bug the programmers don't want to fix" Pretty sure I posted in this last time
a bug with a degree
The make, cast, or appearance of the human face, and especially of any single part of the face; a lineament. (pl.) The face, the countenance.
a specific characteristic pf a product (p. 170)
A prominent characteristic of a communication device or a communication strategy. For example, voice output is a feature of many AAC devices.
a large cohesive set of functionality that an application or component provides in order to fulfill one or more stakeholder needs.
A cohesive area of the software that fulfills a specific need by providing a set of services or capabilities. Any software package—in fact, any engineered product—can be broken down into features.
An external ly observable service provided by the system which directly fulfills a stakeholder need. [D04728] RUP
1. SGD definition - A defined entity, its spatial object representation and associated attributes. 2. Title Processing System (TPS) definition - The graphical representation of an interest attached to land such as an easement, represents an area less than that of an entire parcel. 3. Certain interests in land that are registered against a title to land and affect less than the full parcel.
A geographic component of the earth's surface that has both spatial and attribute data associated with it (e.g. well, road, lake) .
A property, like operation or attribute, which is encapsulated within another entity, such as an interface, a class or a datatype.
The cast or structure of anything, or of any part of a thing, as of a landscape, a picture, a treaty, or an essay; any marked peculiarity or characteristic; as, one of the features of the landscape.
Any part of the landscape, whether natural (such as a stream or ridge) or artificial (such as a road or power line).  In geographic context, features are any part of the landscape portrayed on a map, including nonvisible boundaries of legal entities, such as city limits and county lines.
(or element) a component part of the landscape (eg hedge, wood, stream)
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a bunch of pointers to plugins
a Tcl script that runs in the plugin's master interpreter and customizes the slave that executes a tclet
a full length movie, usually ranging in length from 90 minutes to 120 minutes.
the principal (full-length) film in a program at a movie theater; "the feature tonight is `Casablanca'"
A film targeted for a movie theatrical release, which is at least 60 minutes long.
an article about human interests instead of news. Used in magazines to describe a distinctive department or a lead article.
a special or prominent article in a newspaper or magazine; "they ran a feature on retirement planning"
an article of merchandise that is displayed or advertised more than other articles
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A feature is defined as any gene or other genetic element that resides on a chromosomal sequence. One or more features can be associated with a gene. Features include mRNAs, tRNAs, ESTs, and ORFs.
a biological sequence or a section of a biological sequence, or a collection of such sections
a consistent trackable point in your image sequence which exists for quite some time
have as a feature; "This restaurant features the most famous chefs in France"
a restaurant called "The Eatery," which has
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A Lion Match Co. trademark for a match book containing wide match sticks that were printed with lettering, designs or a combination of both (not to be confused with printed sticks). The standard 30-stick size matchcover held 21 wide stick feature match sticks (referred to as 21-Feature) while the 20-stick size matchcover held 15 wide match sticks. Introduced Sept. 1930. (See Printed Sticks, Thirty Stick).
The visual content information that is stored in the image search server. Also, the visual traits that image search applications use to determine matches. The four QBIC features are average color, histogram color, positional color, and texture.
a description of some element of your program
a graphic element with a unique level symbology
an element of your solution
finding jars Flyweight Fortress fubar
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n. A part of an IBM product that may be ordered separately by the customer.
a classification or type of product, such as a linear actuator
a descriptive fact about a product or service
a fine-grained piece of functionality provided by the application
An abstract piece of functionality provided by the architecture. See also SOAP Feature.
a logical structure of the functions you want to install
Within a group of chain letters, a variation such that if any two letters in the group share this variation it can be deduced that either (1) they have a common ancestor that bore this variation, or (2) at least one of the appearances has resulted from a transfer. Features are variations that can be used to diagnose lineage. In cladistics, a character or character state.
Usually a statue or memorial within a specific cemetery garden made of marble, granite or bronze for the purpose of beautification and personalization.
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A general term given to any physical portion of a part such as holes, slots, surfaces, and pins. The part below has two holes, one slot, two pins, and many surfaces. All of these are features of the part. A feature may or may not be a datum as a datum does not require a physical feature.
(n) A general term applied to physical portions of a part. Features typically serve a function, either in the final application of the part or in the specification or manufacture of it. Examples are a hole, slot, stud, or surface.
a continuous area (it may have holes in it) that does not touch any other area of the same type
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A dancer (usually an ex-pornstar) who is hired by a club to perform stage shows. A pornstar or other high profile girl hired by a brothel.
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a flaming hoop we make our users jump through and if we're doing our jobs -- writing software that actually works for people -- we'd be removing those hoops, not adding more
Anything that adds or subtracts volume from your part. Features are created from a 2D wireframe and show up in the history tree on the part. There are many ways to create features in I-DEAS.
a glass-covered opening in the north wall housing part of an ancient skull with an arrow head embedded in it
a property encapsulated, as part of a list , within a classifier
The primary feature of the wreck site is the largest surviving hull section. This may be the entire hull, or only one section of several. In the event of multiple surviving sections, once a section has been designated the primary feature, all other features are designated as secondary features if they are located at least 5 meters clear of other hull sections. Isolated pieces of machinery, anchors, armaments, etc., if clear by the same distance, may also be considered secondary features.
a service that supplements or modifies the basic POTS service that we know and love
Service enhancement which is provided automatically to the Customer as part of the basic service. (caractéristique)
a bundle of one or more Plug-ins and/or Fragments and associated material
an installation packaging mechanism used to define a group of versioned plug-ins and/or plug-in fragments plus non-plug-in files that is used to deliver some user function
a set of one or more related plug-ins and/or fragments that can be installed and upgraded together
Cotton Sole Dot net Fishnet Freesize French net Full-fashioned Knits Nude Heel Run-Resistant Suspender style
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a car door lock
a specific point in the image that a tracking algorithm can lock onto and follow through multiple frames (SynthEyes calls them blips )
an extractable measurement which facilitates the discrimination of the patterns of interest
Result of the preprocessing and feature extraction process. Features contain classification relevant information in a compact representation. If a video channel is present, a feature set also contains a thumbnail image.
A feature is a concept applied to several fields of linguistics involving the assignment of binary or unary conditions which act as constraints.
In computer vision and the concept of feature is used to denote a piece of information which is relevant for solving the computational task related to a certain application.
an area in the picture that is clearly defined
a short piece of text summarising several related newswire posts and linking to them, usually with a photo or picture alongside
a full-length motion picture.
an invitation to people with unused sailboats in their backyards to bring them to the show and sell them or get some free advice on fixing them up and sailing them
a peculiar twist in the voice, often a tell-tale transition between phonemes with different pitches
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a fundamental unit of TMI
This term refers to any of the tasks that a particular piece of equipment can perform or carry out.
a sweet OS that does amazing tasks like expose or spotlight
An example of a feature in a venue room is that the room has a PA system, or the size of the room, etc.
a way of indicating variant renderings for a particular string using the same font; for example, enabling some ligature replacements or not.
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a small spot that can be tracked from frame to frame, including scuff marks on floors, clumps of weeds, light switches, the corner of a box, etc
Any parameter of an image. Some typical features are edges, colors, areas, and locations.
Services that can be selected when you configure your system image. You can configure features using the command-line utility, configurator. Some features have tunable parameters associated with them. See also configurator, and tunable parameter.
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an index into his dictionary of Buddhist terms
Any item about which you want position information. Your data dictionary will describe the features you wish to collect. A feature may be a single point, a line, or an area.
A unique value that IONA identifies as equal to or an advantage over our competitors in providing this support.
a depiction of a real world object drawn at a reduced scale
a local property without being the property of any object
an object of interest in a network application that is associated with a node or link
a solution, not a problem statement
The solution to a consumer need or problem. Features are the way benefits are provided to consumers. The handle feature allows a laptop computer to be carried easily. Usually any one of several different features may be chosen to meet a customer need. For example, a carrying case with shoulder straps is another feature that allows a laptop computer to be carried easily.
a predicate defined over text regions
a region set, containing at least one region in each record, where the regions are in some sense equivalent
a set of connected pixels which are above or below the surrounding background region
a secure networking engine that insures your network connection is protected while delivering fast gameplay during large file downloads
a contextual usage, such as a company or person name
A single square-shaped probe cell on an array (another term for probe cell). A feature ranges in size from 18 to 50 microns depending on the array type.
a great opportunity to use interesting and uncommon words
a detached fully self contained office or flat, ideal for extra accommodation or business activity
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The make, form, or outward appearance of a person; the whole turn or style of the body; esp., good appearance.
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feedback filtering firing
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a bullet item on a marketing document loosely related to a code change
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a rope given to customers to hang themselves with
Hardware limitation.
A programming or hardware option, usually available at an extra cost.
a building block of an application from the end user's perspective
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a complete day of work for pupils nearing school- leaving age
a description of something
A component of a software program that makes it unique and enables you to do something with that program.
a collection of behaviors such as reliable delivery, WS-Security support, etc that may be enabled or disabled
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an item, a service, anything that is included in the rent or exists on the property and/or in the apartment home
a barrier to entry that you set up to prevent competition from entering the market
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The most important race of the program. FEATURES the best horses for the best money.
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a particular kind of concern
A property of a software application or electronic device such as spell check in a word processing program.
a tiny building block for planning, reporting, and tracking
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Main Event.
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a group of files you need on a target machine
An intended property or behavior (as of a program).
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a unit of installation
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See switch feature.
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See Language feature.
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a quality of what you have to offer
a piece of information associated with a word
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A form; a shape.
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a general physical point of interest
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a structure-based type
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a change to