Definitions for "Feasibility study"
Analysis of the known or anticipated need for a product, system, or component to assess the degree to which the requirements, designs, or plans can be implemented.
A first, small study to see if the larger study will be possible and to see what problems the larger study might have; also called a pilot study.
means a comprehensive study of the deposit from which all of the geological, engineering, operating, and economic factors are considered in sufficient detail that it could reasonably serve as the basis for a final decision by a financial institution to finance the development of the project for mineral production. The feasibility study considers defined resources, mining methods, potential production profile, and economic assumptions including metals prices and recoveries. The feasibility study also considers the environmental, permitting, and sociological issues associated with the development of the mine. The study is usually completed by an independent engineering firm and has cost estimates defined to +/- 15% or better.
the preliminary investigation into a business idea or new product or service to assess its chances of success before making a full financial commitment.
A document generated out of investigation into the economic environment, internal and external pressures, systems, procedures, and communication capability in a business area within a firm. A deliverable to help corporate managers evaluate possible benefits of implementing a business or system change and is an integral part of a corporate implementation plan.
a precursor to a business plan
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a truly worthwhile investment
a document which identifies each of the solution options available and
a way to determine if there are workable real solutions to a problem
A document that confirms the likelihood that a range of alternative solutions will meet the requirements of the customer.
An examination of the practicality of implementing new or modified procedures, methods, or technologies.
Examination of the viability of an idea or approach, examining all related factors (documented in a report).
a just a few weeks away from completion and if the results are positive then we will approach the Scottish Executive for planning permission for ports and an operating licence
A type of technical planning aimed at identifying the most appropriate use of a site or land area.
Independently forecasted financial statements, which indicate the facility's ability to service its dept.
Lengthy process of determining whether resources found during the exploration stage can be produced profitably.
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Fixed-slot system Franchise store
a detailed analysis of a company and its operations that is conducted in order to predict the results of a specific future course of action
a detailed report specific areas that are essential for a successful self storage facility
a fairly standard requirement of companies applying for guaranteed government loans, she said
a developing action research
an important step in business development