Definitions for "FEA"
Finite Element Analysis using computer programs to simulate hardware under thermal and dynamic conditions.
See " finite elemental analysis."
finite element analysis: a numerical computational tool
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Abbreviation for the "Federation of Exchange Accommodators", the professional organization fo the exchange industry.
Federal Election Activity. designation introduced by BCRA for a subset of Shared Federal/Non-Federal Activity. FEA activity comprises: voter registration activity 120 days before a federal election; voter identification, generic campaign activities and GOTV (q.v.) in connection with a federal election; any public communication (that is, an advertisement) in support or opposition to a clearly identified federal candidate; and employee compensation when more that 25% of such compensated time during a specific month was spent on activities in connection with a federal election.
Federal Enterprise Architecture; federal standards and templates for enterprise architecture. See the FEA page on this site, and the FEAPMO site.
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Celtic: An aspect of the goddess The Morrigan.
Foreign Economics Administration
Fraternity Executives Association. The Fraternity Executives Association is organized and operated exclusively to further the common business interest of the members by promoting, supporting, and encouraging the free discussion and exchange of ideas relating to college fraternal organizations. The membership of FEA is composed of employees of the administrative offices of NIC and NPC member organizations.
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Flag Europe Asia
Acronym for Front End Alignment. Generally appears as a line item on a repair estimate or repair order. It will sometimes be accompanied by 4-W or 4-Wheel alignment. This simply means that the vehicle needs to have all wheels aligned.
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Functional Entity Action