Definitions for "FDC"
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abbreviation for first-day-of-issue cover
First Data Corp
FOLLICULAR DENDRITIC CELLS. Cells found in the germinal centers of lymphoid organs. FDCs have threadlike tentacles that form a weblike network to trap invaders and present them to other cells of the immune system for destruction. See Lymphoid Organs.
See Follicular Dendritic Cells.
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FIFA Disciplinary Code
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Fahr Dynamic Control
An electronic funds transfer and payment services firm based in Denver, Colorado. Its subsidiaries include Western Union.
Fused Deposition of Ceramics The process works as per FDM but using filaments combined with ceramics.
Abbreviation for Fleur de Coin.
The coin is in perfect condition and has perfect strike with unique character.
Mozambique's Foundation for Community Development
Fire direction centers
Fire Department Connection. A connection through which the fire department can provide supplemental water to a fire protection system.
fire direction center
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Floppy Disk Controller