Definitions for "FCO"
Federal Coordinating Officer (FEMA)
Foreign & Commonwealth Office. The Government department responsible for foreign affairs. FCO's travel advice draws on information from the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre at Thames House. The FCO website provides travel advice on over 200 countries.
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Fixed Capital Outlay. Real property (land, buildings, including appurtenances, fixtures, and fixed equipment, structures) including additions, replacements, major repairs, and renovations to real property which materially extends its useful life or materially improves or changes its functional use and includes furniture and equipment necessary to furnish and operate a new or improved facility.
Fixed Capital Outlay [ Expenditure category that includes resources related to real property.
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Flexible Call Offering. Defined by Bellcore as a grouping of three common voice telephone features, call transfer, drop, and hold. Also called the Big Three Feature Set by some companies, FCO is a component of the Easy ISDN1 ordering code.
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JDO defines 2 main groups of Java objects. The first is those objects that have an identity. These are termed "First Class Objects" or FCO for short.
Financial Cost Objective
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Full Corporate Offer