Definitions for "Favourite"
Keywords:  shortest, win, odds, bookies, bookmaker
A poker hand that has the best chance of winning at a point where there are more cards to come.
The team or player considered by the sport book to have the best chance of winning.
The selection that the bookmaker rates as most likely to win the event.
A computer shortcut designed to help you mark and revisit your favourite items easily. Sometimes "favourites" are called bookmarks for this reason. You can store favourite websites or bookmarks in your browser by choosing the appropriate command from the Favourites or Bookmarks menu.
a bookmark that I use all the time
Using a World Wide Web browser, a favourite is a saved link to a Web page that has been added to a list of saved links (also called Bookmark)
Keywords:  alleyway, markt, grote, cathedral, shop
a tiny shop in the small alleyway that leads from Grote Markt towards the Cathedral
Keywords:  peggy, cove, visit
a visit to Peggy's Cove
something regarded with special favor or liking; "that book is one of my favorites"
appealing to the general public; "a favorite tourist attraction"
preferred above all others and treated with partiality; "the favored child"
Keywords:  cream, wipes, mystery, trip, canvas
a canvas, fold-up table with side pockets for creams and wipes
a mystery trip, with cream tea
an Aim-listed company called Pursuit Dynamics, which seems to have no market recognition whatsoever
Keywords:  obviously, wallpaper, lot, you
a wallpaper you like a lot, obviously
Keywords:  loved, special, one
a special loved one