Definitions for "Fats"
An oily liquid or greasy substance making up the main bulk of the tissue of animals, and widely distributed in the seeds of a plant.
Saturated fas associate in closely-packed structures with van der Waals interactions all along the length of their side chains. The increase in interactions raises the melting point. These Fatty Acid aggregates are solids at room temp. Example is palmitic acid the major component of animal fats.
lipids composed of a glycerol and fatty acids.
Panniculitis Xenobiotics
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Using fats such as butter, margarine, and oil have a smoothing effect on the gluten's network. By adding fats to bread dough, this will allow your dough to stretch more easily. Fats also help improve the flavor, and quality of the bread.
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The same as fat cattle, live cattle, and fed cattle. Indicates cattle are ready for slaughter.
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Neurons Vascular
A computerized system that presents officers with a variety of simulated encounter scenarios on a large projection screen and requires the officer to react by choosing from various force options.
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Fluorescent Antibody Test
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Plural of the word "fat". See the definition of fat.