Definitions for "FASTENERS"
Keywords:  bolts, rivets, nails, screws, washers
Devices used to secure roof system components.
Bolts, washers, nuts, rivets, screws. Basically anything besides glue normally used to attach two or more parts together.
Mechanical items,including nuts and bolts, that help hold a sign together.
Keywords:  brads, eyelets, cladding, sticky, snaps
Anything non sticky used to hold paper together like brads, snaps, or even eyelets.
Also known as fixings, they are used to attach the cladding to the frame or to stitch cladding sheets together.
a multinational manufacturer and marketer of blind fastening systems
Keywords:  fos, guide, kinds, basic, book
A basic guide to the purpose and special uses of each of the many kinds of fasteners, including how they are designated and measured. Book © 2000 FOS6005NC US$ 22.95
Keywords:  rigid, log, hardware, wall, another
Hardware used to fasten logs to one another and make a log wall more rigid.