Definitions for "Fascia"
A band, sash, or fillet; especially, in surgery, a bandage or roller.
A flat member of an order or building, like a flat band or broad fillet; especially, one of the three bands which make up the architrave, in the Ionic order. See Illust. of Column.
A broad well-defined band of color.
The layer of loose tissue, often containing fat, immediately beneath the skin; the stronger layer of connective tissue covering and investing all muscles; an aponeurosis.
L. = a band, bandage; fibrous membrane covering and supporting muscles, cf. epimysium; hypodermis.
A sheet of fibrous tissue which envelops the body beneath the skin, and encloses the muscles and groups of muscles, and separates their several layers or groups.
Protective material that covers the surface of the display. Typically Lexan or wire mesh.
A styled elastomeric front or rear body panel which usually includes the bumper and/or grille details.
A soft covering used on the front and rear ends of some vehicles, including the bumpers.
Ferrule Fire-resistiveOrFireRated Flagstone Flashing FlatPaint Flue Foundation Foyer Framing Fresco Frieze FurringStrips
The often ornamental area between the mantel and the fire. Sometimes called the backboard (usually when drab or plain). The fascia acts as a frame to the fire and it often has a tone to contrast with the mantel. The fascia shown here (right) is of black tiles with an art deco border and is juxtaposed against the natural oak of the mantel and brass of the fire.
Fascia is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Genoa in the Italian region Liguria, located about 30 km northeast of Genoa. As of 31 December 2004, it had a population of 116 and an area of 11.0 km2.All demographics and other statistics: Italian statistical institute Istat.
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A decorative apron or front face. A wooden enclosure holding the main pump assembly for whirlpool and master baths.
The front facing surface of trim on a house above the soffit but below the roofline.
Trim piece placed against the wall directly underneath of the plate on balcony sections. Click here to see a photo of fascia.
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Metal closure for back of door housing. Required when there is only a partial or no header in place and back of door coil is exposed. Required when the wall above header is not full thickness of jamb (prefab building).
Optional sheet metal cover used when no header is in place and the standard hood leaves exposed the back of the coil.
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The front panel of a mobile phone. Some mobile phones have fascias that can be unclipped and replaced.
signage typically found on the façade of each deck of a facility (in front of the first row of seats on that level).
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Panel at top of an exhibit, usually bearing company name.
Placard or sign at top of exhibit usually with company name.
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A plastic/metallic piece which makes part of the outer casing of the laptop computer whan put together.
Confusingly, fascia is used for two completely different things in the automotive world.
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Fast-Twitch Fiber Fat Free Mass
Part of the face or elevation of a building, where the shop or occupier's name is usually displayed.