Definitions for "FAQ"
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Frequently Asked Questions - Very often, when you access a web site on the WWW for information, there will be a FAQ page, which you should read through before contacting the authors for additional information. This is part of the courtesy quaintly known as netiquette.
Frequently Asked Questions. A file established for public discussion groups containing questions and answers new users often ask. New users are expected to read the FAQ before participation.
requently sked uestions] A file maintained by listservs, newsgroups, and Internet sites to provide answers to repeatedly asked questions. The FAQ acronym has become so popular it is often applied to quick answer directories on many Websites.
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finalize FlowLayout FORMs FSOV
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Food Allergy Questionnaire
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Live communication over the Internet Relay Chat service or an online service. As one person enters text it appears on the other person's screen in "real time", or almost instantly.
This has become a common practice for websites when dealing with complex issues. It can be both visually and textually interesting.
Consulting a Web site's FAQ is a good first stop when trying to solve problems related to use of the Web site.
A FAQ page is useful for certain types of sites.
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OM Field Acquisition
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Glossary Links
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Fair average quality.
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