Definitions for "Fantasia"
A continuous composition, not divided into what are called movements, or governed by the ordinary rules of musical design, but in which the author's fancy roves unrestricted by set form.
an highly imitative but improvised-sounding composition in which "fantasy" (freedom) takes precedence over rigid form.
A free-form composition, a flight of fancy. In keyboard works of the Baroque period it was often a prelude-like introduction to something more rigorous, like a fugue. In the Romantic period it was used to describe character pieces by Schubert, Liszt, and Brahms. The fantasia frequently draws on a familiar melody, as in Ralph Vaughan William's "Fantasia on Greensleeves."
display of horsemanship performed at larger festivals or moussems
Carnival costume. [fantazeeya
a display of horsemanship and colourful costumes with plenty of action - sort of Buffalo Bill meets Laurence of Arabia
Keywords:  fahn, improvisatory, lute, tah, solo
(fahn´-tah-ze-ah). A term that encompasses works in an improvisatory style, of the solo pieces for lute or keyboard instruments.
Fantasia is a project that aims to build an orthogonally persistent operating system using a language called "Fable" which has its roots in Scheme, Common Lisp, and ISLisp. Fantasia, itself, borrows ideas from Genera, Squeak, and various other systems.
Fantasia is the second studio album by American singer Fantasia Barrino, released by J Records on December 12 2006.