Definitions for "Fan Coil"
A unit that includes a cooling and/or heating coil and a fan to move air through the ductwork to a room. Filters for the circulation air and accessories to introduce outside ventilation air may also be included.
A fan-coil terminal is essentially a small air-handling unit which serves a single space without a ducted distribution system. One or more independent terminals are typically located in each room connected to a supply of hot and/or chilled water. At each terminal, a fan in the unit draws room air (sometimes mixed with outside air) through a filter and blows it across a coil of hot water or chilled water and back into the room.
An indoor component of an air conditioner or heat pump system, used in place of a furnace and evaporator coil, to provide change the refrigerant from a gas to a liquid (or vice-versa) and blow air over the coil to cool or heat your home.