Definitions for "fallout"
the radioactive particles that settle to the ground after a nuclear explosion.
the falling to the ground of radioactive particles lifted into the atmosphere by a nuclear explosion.
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"Fallout" is the second episode of season one of the fictional CBS drama Jericho. It received a rating of 11.47 million viewers.
Fallout is the eleventh episode of the NBC supernatural drama series Heroes.
an incidental or unexpected effect, especially one which is undesirable, consequent to an event or process; ; -- usually used only in the singular; as, the fallout from the disclosure of the Lewinsky tapes made trouble for the President for months after the event; fallout from the stock market crash caused property prices to decline in the New York area.
Fallout was a Heavy Metal band formed in 1979 based out of Brooklyn, New York, USA. The band contained future Type O Negative members Peter Steele (then billed under his real name Peter Ratajczyk) on bass and vocals and Josh Silver on keyboards, as well as John Campos on guitars and Agnostic Front drummer Louie Beateaux (then billed as Lou Beato) on drums. Fallout released only one record before the band’s demise in 1982, the ‘Rock Hard’ 7’’ single, released in 1981 on Silver records and limited to 500 copies.
Fallout was the debut album released by The Mayfield Four, an American rock band. The album spawned two singles: "Don't Walk Away" and "Always".
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spray. Overspray.
See "Premature Fledgling". Also has a migration meaning. During migration when weather conditions cause migrating birds to stop migrating and to pile up in numbers in a few locations.
any adverse and unwanted secondary effect; "a strategy to contain the fallout from the accounting scandal"
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one who fails to maintain the same pace as and lags behind a group of which s/he is a member.
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one selected from a group by some criterion.
MP] Loan applications that are withdrawn by borrowers, because they have found a better deal or for other reasons.
The percentage of loans in the pipeline expected not to close.
the proportion of non-relevant documents that are not retrieved.