Definitions for "fallen angel"
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a being created by God and who, for some reason, disobeyed Him and for punishment, was hurled from heaven to dwell within what we know as hell
A fallen angel is an angel that has been banished from Heaven.
Fallen Angel is a fictional comic book heroine created and owned by Peter David. It was published by DC Comics from July 2003 until it was cancelled with issue #20 in May 2005 because of low sales. It resumed publication through IDW Publishing in December 2005
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A bond which was investment-grade when issued but which is now of significantly lower quality.
In some cases, high quality companies are undervalued because of market conditions or lack of research coverage. Savvy investors often seek out such companies and invest in them based on their fundamentals and not only on the market's valuation.
a bond that was investment grade when issued, but has since degraded to junk quality.
a wake up call for those who focus on world terrorism while neglecting the terror children are experiencing locally every day at the hands of predators
a stock that was once successful, but has recently experienced great financial troubles.
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a commonly used term in the UFO community for a crashed UFO