Definitions for "Fall line"
A line roughly along Interstate 95 joining areas of relatively steep gradient on several rivers on Maryland's western shore. The line marks the geographical area where each river descends from the hilly Piedmont to the flat and sandy Coastal Plain. It also marks the limit of upstream commercial navigation.
A line connecting the waterfalls of nearly parallel rivers that marks a drop in land level.
A line joining the waterfalls on several rivers that marks the point where each river descends from the upland to the lowland and marks the limit of navigability of each river.
The path of least resistance down and given slope.
The straightest and steepest line down any slope.
The most direct route down the hill, often involuntarily taken by falling skiers.
Keywords:  moguls, direct, route, bottom, course
The most direct route from the top to the bottom of a moguls course.
the direction a fall would take
A rope used in erection for raising and lowering weights.