Definitions for "Falernum"
Keywords:  syrup, almond, ginger, lime, caribbean
A sweet syrup of Caribbean origin made from ginger, almonds, limes, and other various fruits and herbs. Falernum, like grenadine, contains little or no alcohol, and is used to flavor or sweeten mixed drinks.
a tasty West Indian syrup made from almonds and spices.
This is a light alcoholized fruit syrup, mainly made of (sugar-) cane, ginger-race and lime. It is very famous in the Caribic and often used to mix drinks.
(aka "Falernian"). Ancient heavy, sweet red wine was made from a grape of the same name and known to the Romans. Admired for its longevity by the writers Horace, Ovid and Pliny the Elder. Modern grape descendent is named Aglianico.