Definitions for "Fairway"
Keywords:  tee, mown, golf, mowed, harbor
The navigable part of a river, bay, etc., through which vessels enter or depart; the part of a harbor or channel ehich is kept open and unobstructed for the passage of vessels.
That part of a golf course between the tee and the green which is of closely mowed grass, as contrasted to the rough.
The parts of a waterway kept open, and unobstructed, for navigation.
A navigable channel for vessels, often the usual course followed by vessels in a river, canal, harbour, or other body of water.
open water of depth sufficient for navigation
A specific water area to be kept free of obstructions to ensure safe passage of recreational and commercial vessels to, from , through, and alongside navigation channels, mooring areas, anchorages, and berthing areas.
Keywords:  thoroughfare, marine
Marine thoroughfare.
means an area of riverbed maintained free of vegetative growth that would impede the passage of floodwaters.
a tract of ground free of obstacles to movement