Definitions for "Fairlead"
A small hoop, or tunnel, that guides a line, or protects a line from fouling. GRP GRP refers to the type of materials that the Laser II hull is made out of, it means that the hull is made out of combination of fibre glass and plastic. (GRP is short for Glass-Reinforced Plastic).
On a ship, a hole or arch that a line or rope is threaded through in order to change its direction. Often used to direct the sheets (lines) that control sails.
A device that consists of pulleys or rollers arranged to permit reeling in a cable from any direction; commonly found atop a standing tower yarder.
Keywords:  jib, astern, abrade, cockpit, deck
A piece of hardware or equipment (such as a block) used for leading the jib sheets from the deck to the cockpit. They are located astern of the beam, on each side of the boat.
an exit point through the deck that is faired or rounded so as not to abrade the jib or main sheet running through the fairlead.