Definitions for "Fag"
a male homosexual; -- always used disparagingly and considered offensive. Shortened form of faggot.
To act as a fag, or perform menial services or drudgery, for another, as in some English schools.
offensive terms for an openly homosexual man
To labor to wearness; to work hard; to drudge.
work hard; "She was digging away at her math homework"; "Lexicographers drudge all day long"
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To become weary; to tire.
To tire by labor; to exhaust; as, he was almost fagged out.
exhaust or tire through overuse or great strain or stress; "We wore ourselves out on this hike"
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Keywords:  capsid, precursor, rna, strands, hiv
a gene of HIV that codes for p55, the core protein. p55 is the precursor of HIV proteins p17, p24, p7 and p6 that form HIV's capsid or core, the inner protein shell surrounding HIV's strands of RNA.
Keywords:  fatigues, anything
Anything that fatigues.
Keywords:  ragged, end, line
The ragged end of a line
finely ground tobacco wrapped in paper; for smoking
Keywords:  coarse, knot, cloth, part
A knot or coarse part in cloth.