Definitions for "Fade"
Weak; insipid; tasteless; commonplace.
To become fade; to grow weak; to lose strength; to decay; to perish gradually; to wither, as a plant.
To sink away; to disappear gradually; to grow dim; to vanish.
gently curving shot from left to right if you are a right handed player.
A ball that moves in the opposite direction of its intended trajectory. Some scratch bowlers use a fade shot intentionally to convert right side spares. This is a slight variation of a backup ball, just not as pronounced.
To induce backspin onto the ball causing it to drift from left to right. Opposite is a draw.
A temporary reduction of braking power (torque) due to overheating of the brake friction material.
A term often used when referring to brake fade.
Temporary reduced braking power. Fade results from overheating of the friction material.
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To lose freshness, color, or brightness; to become faint in hue or tint; hence, to be wanting in color.
To cause to wither; to deprive of freshness or vigor; to wear away.
This is a reduction in the received signal. It is caused by absorption, refraction, or reflection.
"Fade" was an extremely obscure single released promotionally in the Philippines by the band Blue Angel, taken from their 1980 album also called Blue Angel. The band was fronted by a then-unfamous Cyndi Lauper. It did not achieve any chart success and did not even have an accompanying picture sleeve.
FADE is a point-and-click adventure game developed by the Fade Team and released for the Pocket PC platform in 2001. The game was critically acclaimed as the first large-scale adventure game for the platform. It is most often compared to Myst, and the games in the Zork series, the first immersive graphic adventure games for the PC.
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Cover a bet in the private game.
Also Cover, Betting term describing the act of betting against the bank.
this means to cover all or part of the bank bet, also called cover or cover the bank.
an angled run forwards and towards the wing/sideline in an attempt to draw defenders out of position.
(kite trick) A turtle, but with the nose of the kite pointed towards the pilot. The Fade(the kite is a Flexifoil Matrix)
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Fade is a novel by Robert Cormier.
(Fade in, fade out). The increasing and decreasing of the lamp's light intensity, to make an image brighter or darker or to dissolve images
(Fast Acquisition, Double Echo) - a fast imaging technique which observes both components of the SSFP signal in separate acquisition periods during a single interpulse interval.
become feeble; "The prisoner has be languishing for years in the dungeon"
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a very evil creature that can kill by touch alone, it has no eyes, just indentions where eyes should be
Fail Fill or kill order FOK
A fade is a slow change in signal strength.
To modify the opacity and/or volume of a clip. A faded-up clip is unaffected, a clip faded down to 50% has 50% less opacity or volume, and a faded-down clip is completely transparent of turned off.
A slow change in volume - up from silence or down to... ( more)
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Su, Sk. A pre turn that sets up a big turn. In surfing, a veering toward the curl in the drop. To be followed by a bottom turn away from the curl. In skating, a veering toward the side of the road before a bottom turn to the middle.
Natural turn occurring at the end of a throw.
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When a horse tires during a race and drops out of contention.
Occurs when a horse tires rapidly during the stretch drive.
A commonly used term that means a weakening chart pattern or reversal of a trading situation. It is synonymous with soften and weaken.
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a short tapered cut. The hair at the back and sides is tapered from zero length lower down up to around half an inch. The hair may be short or longer over the crown of the head. On top, the hair is longer (up to 2 to 3 inches) and may be layered.
The period between the central, or sustain, portion of a force-feedback effect and its end.
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Graduation of colors.
To blend colors.
A swing strategy that sells at resistance and buys at support.
an increase, diminishment or change in lighting or sound level
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Refers to over-the-counter trading.
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Selling a rising price or buying a falling price.