Definitions for "facilitation"
Helping a team or individual achieve a goal. Often used in meeting or with teams to help the teams achieve their objectives.
A collaborative process involving the use of a neutral third party (facilitator) to design and oversee a group process. Facilitation is used to help a group reach a goal or complete a task to the mutual satisfaction of participants. Often used when there are many interested parties or stakeholders, as opposed to mediation which tends to focus on a single issue dispute between two parties. (see Facilitator)
Helping a group of people come to conclusions, done by a facilitator. In group discussions, this role is called a moderator.
process in which a nerve cell membrane is partially depolarized by a subliminal stimulus so that a subsequent subliminal stimulus can depolarize the membrane further to reach the threshold of nerve impulse initiation
The fastest phases of enhanced transmission in short-term synaptic plasticity, consisting of two components with time constants of tens and hundreds of milliseconds.
(neurophysiology) phenomenon that occurs when two or more neural impulses that alone are not enough to trigger a response in a neuron combine to trigger an action potential
1. Programs designed to expedite the flow of international commerce. 2. The act of freeing more or less completely from obstruction or hindrance.
Any program designed to expediate the flow of international commerce.
free delivery free float
Increase in the amplitude of postsynaptic responses as a result of repetitive activation of the synapse
The implementation of measures leading to the simplification, standardization and harmonization of the formalities, procedures, documents and operations inherent to international trade transactions.
In which the influence of early species in a community succession is to facilitate establishment of later ones by changing the conditions encountered.
In primary succession, the actions or qualities of earlier species that in some way assist growth of later species.
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The process of providing a market for a security. Normally, this refers to bids and offers made for large blocks of securities, such as those traded by institutions. Listed options may be used to offset part of the risk assumed by the trader who is facilitating the large block order. See also Hedge Ratio.
The creation of a market. In the case of securities, this function is performed...