Definitions for "Facies"
The general aspect or habit of a species, or group of species, esp. with reference to its adaptation to its environment.
A particular kind of sedimentary environment, e.g. black shale, shallow marine carbonate.
(1) Sedimentary: a group of rocks and primary structures indicative of a given depositional environment; (2) Metamorphic: a set of metamorphic mineral assemblages formed under a given range of pressures and temperatures.
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The term facies was introduced by the Swiss geologist Amanz Gressly in 1838 and was part of his significant contribution to the foundations of modern stratigraphy (see Cross and Homewood 1997), which replaced the earlier notions of Neptunism.
Facial appearance.
An appearance or similarity, as in Ilyarachnoid Facies.
General appearance or face, usually overall color and shape. See also habitus and morph.
a recognizable series of superposed strata
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The anterior part of the head; the face.
The face of a bird, or the front of the head, excluding the bill.
A direct borrowing from the Latin, facies means face. See the entire definition of Facies