Definitions for "Eyes"
Bilberry, Charmomile, Eyebright, Lycii
Eyebright, Chamomile, Yellow Dock, Marshmallow (root), Golden Seal (root), Passion Flower (flower), Bilberry and Ginkgo Biloba.
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Eyes denote an internal liberty among a group of your own stones, so it would be suicide for your opponent to move into the space. Having two eyes in a group is a way of securing territory.
(Type: field, Internal name: eyes) Code for the inmate's eye color.
opinion or judgment; "in the eyes of the law"; "I was wrong in her eyes"
Small or large holes in a cheese produced after gas formation by selected bacteria.
The technical name for holes formed in certain cheeses after fermentation, e.g. in Swiss cheeses.
Holes produced as a result of gas bubble formation during fermentation.
Keratoconjunctivitis - pinkeye
Visual organs mounted on the ends of eyestalks. The eyestalks contain cells that release hormones that inhibit molting.
Visual organs on the head, composed of numerous separate lenses.
Electronic components that are used to detect whether or not paint is in the breech. There is either a transmitter on one side and a receiver on the other, called break-beam, or a reflective system on one side.
Synonym for Photocell, Beam, Cell. Click
a medically researched and tested formulation that dramatically addresses the combination of these contributing factors be utilizing both Vitamin K, Retinol and a number of supporting agents in a highly stabilized polymeric controlled release system
a poetry workshop group open to anyone in the Philadelphia community
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two organs on the head responsible for image reception leading to sight
usually eight; in some spiders reduced to six, four, two or none (spiders that live in leaf litter); usually in two to three rows in the head region
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Pocket Aces.
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the all-seeing, all-knowing power of God