Definitions for "Extreme"
At the utmost point, edge, or border; outermost; utmost; farthest; most remote; at the widest limit.
The utmost point or verge; that part which terminates a body; extremity.
Utmost limit or degree that is supposable or tolerable; hence, furthest degree; any undue departure from the mean; -- often in the plural: things at an extreme distance from each other, the most widely different states, etc.; as, extremes of heat and cold, of virtue and vice; extremes meet.
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Extreme was an American funk metal / glam metal / hard rock band which achieved popularity in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Extreme was the debut record of Boston funk-metal band Extreme. It was released on March 14 1989.
The best of worst; most urgent; greatest; highest; immoderate; excessive; most violent; as, an extreme case; extreme folly.
The highest or lowest price during any time period, a price extreme; in the CBOT Market Profile, the highest/lowest prices the market tests during a trading day.
In climatology, the highest and, in some cases, the lowest value of a climatic element observed during a given time interval or during a given month or season of that period. If this value were the greatest extreme for the whole period of record for which observations are available, the value would be the absolute extreme.
The term extreme, often deliberately misspelled as "xtreme", "x-treme", or some other variant is frequently used in advertising and marketing. A form of sensationalism, the term is used for indicating that what's being marketed is, supposedly, better, more powerful or otherwise enhanced. "Hardcore" is sometimes used in a similar manner.
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Seems to have hundreds of definitions in wrestling, the most common ones being the Jeff Hardy style of being extreme (i.e. jumping off things) and the ECW style of being extreme (i.e. hitting each other with things).
exceptionally intense, graphic or prolonged fantastical not realistic, not of this world (eg. fairy tales, science fiction)
Either of the extreme terms of a syllogism, the middle term being interposed between them.
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Radical; ultra; as, extreme opinions.
beyond a norm in views or actions; "an extreme conservative"; "an extreme liberal"; "extreme views on integration"; "extreme opinions"
A high level of PE exercise that is only intended for the advanced PE'ers, High Risk of injury for the inexperienced.
Last; final; conclusive; -- said of time; as, the extreme hour of life.
The first or the last term of a proportion or series.
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most distant in any direction; "the extreme edge of town"
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The value expected to be exceeded once, on average, in a given (long) period of time.
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Extended or contracted as much as possible; -- said of intervals; as, an extreme sharp second; an extreme flat forth.