Definitions for "Externship"
a career shadowing experience that typically lasts from a few hours to one week
a chance for current Scholars to shadow sponsoring alumni in their workplaces for a day to a week or longer during winter break, spring break, and/or the summer
a chance for you to get an insider's view of a career field by shadowing Cal alumni in their workplaces for a day to a week during Winter Break
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Clerking for a judge during the school year
a position you take before you are a nurse but are in nursing school In my area we have to have all but one year left whether you are in ADN or BSN program
a senior year clerkship that you take at a Medical Education Institution other than Saint Louis University School of Medicine and its affiliated hospitals
an excellent way to get your foot in the door by providing both the student and the employer with a semester-long interview
a semester-long placement with a court, a governmental office or agency, a public interest organization, or a business, where students will perform the tasks of an attorney
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a chance to continue your learning in a hands-on environment